+255 688 373 652 info@diaspora.co.tz Event Date: 23rd Aug 2017
+255 688 373 652 info@diaspora.co.tz Event Date: 23rd Aug 2017


The Forum is expected to attract about 400 participants, among them, Tanzanians living abroad and returnees and stakeholders from public and private sector as well as members of the society who have made big contribution towards mobilization of members of Diaspora in national building.

The forum theme is Innovation and Investment’ with the focus in tourism, agricultural, education and health. The aim is to to engage and encourage Tanzanian at home and diaspora to participate in promoting investment in the country.

Participants will be involved in interactive discussions to explore ways and means to improve business and investment environment which will attract more and more Tanzanian at home and those in diaspora to invest in the country.

Consequently, the forum is extremely important, as will further cooperation between Tanzanian Diaspora (Mainland Tanzania ans Zanzibar ) and SMEs at home with their respective governments. Furthermore, the conference will create network opportunities for Diaspora and Tanzanian businesses, specifically Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) form the backbone of many economies of lower-income developing countries such as Tanzania.

SME development is closely linked with economic growth and job creation. Through networking and collaborating with Diaspora there is potential for many SMEs to grow as many Zanzibar and mainland Tanzanian Diaspora are interested in investing in businesses back home.

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